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My Final Open
Tai Chi/Yoga/Knitting Retreat:

October 6-8/9, 2017

For the past ten years I have been hosting the Tai chi/Yoga/Knitting retreat twice a year and have seen great success. However, after nearly 20 retreats, I feel its time has come to and end for me. So this October will be the last Tai chi/Yoga/Knitting retreat that is open to all.
Now is the time to join us and see what the fun has been all about.

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Fee: $350 per person for 2 nights (Fri. & Sat.)
        $500 per person for 3 nights (Fri., Sat. & Sun.)
      Fee includes ALL meals


     I have been an avid knitter for over 30 years and I see the benefits that both acupuncture and tai chi can bring to all knitters. And I believe that knitting can also greatly benefit all those who wish to slow down in this hectic world.

    I run a Tai Chi/Yoga/Knitting retreat in the mountains of Maryland near Harpers Ferry. It is open to all levels of players and knitters. A retreat where knitters and knitter-wanna-be's can come together to learn some meditative exercise, and to enjoy relaxation, good food and community, and of course, to knit.

      This is a great way to be: relaxed and knitting! I find this retreat is growing in popularity and in loyal return attendees. Each one gets better and better! Mark your calendar and join us this upcoming retreat.
    All Tai Chi and Yoga classes are beginner level. Our goal is that everyone goes home feeling relaxed, refreshed, rejuvenated, re-inspired and refueled. Retreat includes two or three nights accommodation, all meals and all Tai Chi and Yoga classes.

Outside of the retreat, I also offer help with all your knitting needs, from reading a pattern to fixing a problem, teaching you how to become the expert knitter hidden inside of you!
Fee: $40 per hour
Call 240-994-2571 for an appointment


    It was incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating. My usual day involves responding to demands from morning till night. Between people at work needing me to make decisions, deliver products, sign papers, etc. to my family wanting me to cook, find lost things, give advice, take care of finances, etc., I never have time to just chill. I love my family and my job, but it was really delightful to spend time with people who didn't want a single thing from me except my company.  And even that was optional. What a nice change to just sit around and chat, be mindful, get some great workouts, and advance my knitting. I loved meeting everyone and doing something for myself for a change.  -NP

    When I am on retreat there is a revitalization of my soul in knowing I can simply be.  I don't have anything that carries a deadline; there are no timelines, no phones, no pets, and no responsibilities vying for my attention. My focus is on me. My soul relaxes and wraps around me and reaches out to touch the vibrations of camaraderie. I am soothed by the commonality of interests and warmed by the creativity that surrounds all of us. When I leave, I am ready to meet the world head on.  -LW

    Thank you so very much for organizing the knitting retreat. When I first saw the posting for the second retreat, I was very much in need of some down time. I signed up not knowing anyone.  I found a welcoming group of women and many new friends. So far I have attended three retreats and have returned home refreshed from the camaraderie, humor, rest, exercise, and wonderful food that I did not have to cook!  I look forward to the next retreat!  -LM

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