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    Tai Chi is a healing art and an internal martial art that works on balancing ourselves from within, in order to have outward force and strength. The main principles of Tai Chi focus on the Yin/Yang balance of internal and external, open and closed, full and empty. The constant movements help rhythmically circulate your chi for optimum health. Through a regular practice of Tai Chi, you can gain clarity and focus of mind, balance and strength of body, calmness and lightness of spirit.

    I began my study of Tai Chi in 1984 in Maine with Larry Ira Landau of Dragonfly Taijiquan. Larry was a student of Master T. T. Liang, who studied under Cheng Man Ch’ing.

    In Maryland I continued my learning with various teachers. I taught Tai Chi weekly at the CHI site at Penn North in Baltimore for 4 years, and have been teaching taichi around Frederick for over 7 years.


This is what keeps me coming back to Tai Chi:
My husband and I were clearing downed tree limbs on a cool, crisp day this spring.  When I got to the top of a rocky ridge I felt the ground under me start to slide and I began to fall over backwards.  Falling backwards onto the rocks was certain to result in major injury.  What a relief when the Tai Chi balance exercise I learned kicked in and I regained my footing.  The body awareness gained from Tai Chi helps me relax during long trips, climb stairs with greater ease, and calm my nerves in stressful situations.  Tai Chi classes are energizing as well as enjoyable.  -Donna Welch

After an illness I had vertigo; however, I had been participating in a Tai Chi class offered through the Urbana Senior Citizens and I felt confident to begin my regular physical activities because this class emphasized balance for elder people. I would strongly recommend this Tai Chi course that teaches how to focus on your center of gravity and gives you the JOY of movement. I truly do believe that the class gives me great joy and improves my general health.   -Anne Hobba

I've been taking a Tai Chi class for Seniors since summer 2012. I look forward to the class and especially instruction from Claudia. Years ago I could stand on one leg and on my toes. Then two years ago I noticed I couldn't do that anymore. Since beginning Tai Chi I now can do those exercises when I need to. My balance is better and I can hold a simple pose longer.  -Joan Klein

When I'm bothered by restless leg syndrome I part the wild horse's mane, wave hands in the clouds, repulse the monkey......and that irritating sensation disappears. 
-Bunny Coxen

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